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+ contact details in one place

Forget the work of changing the bio link and start directing your audience to the most important channels for your results with a single link.

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Screenshot da tela de editar aparência do Link na bio

Show your authenticity

The art of being recognized starts in the smallest details. For this reason, Linklist allows you to create anything from a simple "bio link" to a mini site with your brand's face.

Customize your page
  Edit layout, font, background image, buttons appearance, footer text and other elements according to your vision.
Generate more visits to your space
  Add Google Maps location or even Uber or Waze buttons to take visitors straight to your address.
Customer service

Explore the power of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the main customer communication tool in Brazil. With Linklist, you make your WhatsApp more accessible and still manage to direct service to different contacts.

Add a WhatsApp or Telegram button

Forget link generation tools. Just enter your number and we'll add a direct button to your Linklist.

Encourage contact with floating button

It stays in the corner of the screen while the user browses. When opened, it displays up to four different WhatsApp or Telegram contacts.

Don't use WhatsApp or Telegram?

You can add a button that generates a direct call to your phone or a new email to your address.

WhatsApp feature
Insights screenshot

Learn from your results

A marketing strategy needs objective, goal and analysis of results. And why would it be any different with the bio link? Linklist offers several ways to monitor and optimize your performance.

Insights tab
View your most accessed links and understand the profile of visitors with data on location, browser, operating system, traffic source, impressions and unique visits.
SEO optimization
Edit the preview your page shows in search button results, as well as WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook.
Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel
Add a Google Analytics tag and/or a Facebook pixel to access advanced reports about your page.
UTM parameters
We've made it easy to add UTM parameters to your links so you can understand your link traffic in detail.
Music + Video

Show your talent to the world

Are you an artist or content creator? Take advantage of Linklist's integration with the main video and audio players to promote your singles, albums, playlists, videos and podcasts.

  • Spotify
  • Soundcloud
  • Youtube
  • Twitch
  • Vimeo
  • TikTok
Link na bio com música e vídeo
Um homem segurando um ícone do Behance ao lado de uma mulher segurando um ícone do Vimeo em frente à um celular na página de Link na bio.
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Your limitless creativity

With Linklist, you can add all of your brand's communication, sales and institutional channels. Even better, schedule the publication and removal of links without having to be online 24/7. Just tell us the time, and we'll do it for you!

A lot, right?

See a summary of how Linklist can help you

  • Strengthen your branding through the link in the bio
  • Receive more contacts by WhatsApp
  • Know your results in detail
  • Hold attention with media players
  • Stimulate action with custom buttons
  • Save time scheduling links
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Your marketing strategy needs attitude

When you take the first step, you start the test network that makes you understand what works to leverage your business results on digital. In addition to the ideal tools to do this, Linklist offers you specialized email support to hack your company's growth. If you need it, our specialized support in Digital Marketing will be ready to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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