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Create custom QR Codes and quickly and easily direct your customers to your business.

QR Code
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Facilitates access to information

By creating a QR Code on Linklist you can provide your customers with a convenient way to access important information about your products or services.


Grow on social media

QR codes can help drive traffic to your social media platforms, allowing customers to follow your business and access additional content. You can create a QR code that redirects to your Facebook, Instagram and/or YouTube page where customers can connect and interact with your brand.

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Print da lista de QR Code do Linklist

How else can Linklist help you with the QR Code feature

  • Distribution of coupons and discounts.
  • Interactivity with marketing campaigns.
  • Simplified mobile payments
  • Ease of ordering and booking services.

Your marketing strategy needs attitude

When you take the first step, you start the test network that makes you understand what works to leverage your business results on digital. In addition to the ideal tools to do this, Linklist offers you specialized email support to hack your company's growth. If you need it, our specialized support in Digital Marketing will be ready to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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